Joseph Irvin is from Columbus, Ohio and originally spent four years at The Ohio State University studying music composition under Marc Ainger and Dan Perttu, as well as studying composition at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs under Jane Rigler and Sean Hennessy.  Since continuing his studies at UCCS, he has presented several performances for small ensemble as well as delving deeply into synthesized and electroacoustic music for the first time.

A long-time fan of film music, he owns over 900 CDs, approximately two-thirds of which are soundtracks.  He plays seven different instruments, many of which can be heard on his psych-folk album Lacrimosa, self-recorded and released on cassette in 2013.  Though deeply involved in the world of film music fandom for more than 15 years, 2016 marked his true debut writing music for film, with Unlocked by Hunter K. Lewis and Anatomize Act 3: The Creator/the Master by Felicity Childs Smith.  A composer of images as well as music, his new work Overwhelming Majority has won multiple awards, and screened at festivals all over Colorado as well as in the UK.

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Joseph is fond of vintage technology in many aspects, especially in the use of tape machines, as well as analog synthesizers (and all pictures on this site were shot on film).  His next album I See Ghosts and I Feel Relieved is being recorded using an Arturia Minibrute synthesizer and a Tascam 244 cassette recorder, the same way that he made his film scores for Unlocked and Overwhelming Majority.  A gallery of this equipment in use can be seen here.