2020-Interruptus (forthcoming)
2019-Absolution, dir. Thomas Crandall
2019-The New Millennial Tramp in “Socks,” dir. Rob Bowen
2017-The Durfees, dir. Greg Cairns
2017-The Picture of Dorian Gray, dir. Felicity Childs Smith
2016-My Dearest, dir. Felicity Childs Smith
2016-Uncured, dir. R.C. Stokes
2016-The New Millennial Tramp in “Is That My Wallet?” dir. Rob Bowen
2016-Anatomize, dir. Felicity Childs Smith
2016-Overwhelming Majority
2016-Unlocked, dir. Hunter K. Lewis
2013-The Lights of Seven Falls

Concert Works

2017-The Picture of Dorian Gray, a ballet for Oboe, Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Double Bass
2015-Sugar Sits Untouched: Main Title for a Forthcoming Film for String Quartet and Glockenspiel
2014-Dead Fish on Daytona Beach for Drum Set, Piano, Marimba, Flute, Voice, Violin, Mandolin, and Guitar
2013-Suite: On Childhood Memories for Flute, Violin, Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, French Horn, and 3 Sopranos
2009-Trio for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon


2020-I See Ghosts and I Feel Relieved (forthcoming)
2020-Film Music vol. 1 (forthcoming)

Other credits
2016-Anatomize (assistant editor)
2016-The Bluffs (synthesizer performer)
2015-Timmy Vilgiate-Little Canyons (synthesizer performer)
2013-Timmy Vilgiate-Vigilante Justice (engineer, producer)
2013-A Bad Night for a Hero-Bad Dates and Capes (engineer, producer)