The Colorado Springs 14ers Film Festival

The brand new Colorado Springs 14ers Film Festival took place on December 3, 2016.  From November 14-28, filmmaking teams were tasked with creating a movie from scratch with a specific prompt (in this case: a character wakes up with someone standing over them, who asks, “Is that my wallet?”).  Joseph offered up his services as composer to any of the teams that were interested in working with him.  Of the 8 total teams, he worked on 6 films, writing about 40 minutes of new music in the space of 14 days.  Unfortunately, 2 of those teams did not use his music in their final films, and 2 other projects fell through and were not completed in the time allotted, but 2 films were played at the festival featuring music by Joseph Irvin:

Uncured, dir. R.C. Stokes


The New Millennial Tramp in “Is That My Wallet?” dir. Rob Bowen


The latter film took home 1st Prize in the Jury Award, plus tied for the Audience Award.  For the director’s notes click here.